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The material used in the moulding process is called Baydur®, a thermosetting polymer produced and distributed by the company Bayer Material Science.

Baydur® 60

Baydur® 60 is a medium-density structural polyurethane, which by virtue of its sandwich structure – a compact external skin with a foam core – opens a wide range of design possibilities. This polyurethane system is particularly well suited to the production of large size mouldings.
The moulded elements can sustain thicknesses of 4 - 20 mm at densities between 500 and 700 kg/m3.

Baydur® 110

Baydur® 110 is a compact microcellular engineered polymer for reaction-injection moulding (RIM), with a density of 1050 - 1150 kg/m3, notable primarily for being highly economical to work with.
Its short ejection cycles make it possible to produce articles at competitive costs which are mainly between 4 and 6 mm thick and have high stiffness and mechanical strength. The use of aluminium equipment offers high competitiveness in equipment costs; finally, the production process conforms to environmental standards


baydur 60-110


Features of Polyurethane:

Excellent resistance to mechanical stress

Good surface hardness

Highly flame-resistant, if treated with halogen-free fireproofing products.

Outstanding weather resistance

It is always free of sink marks and deformations, even when used with ribbing and reinforcers, thus offering an excellent aesthetic finish

Guaranteed chemical inertness on contact with many organic and inorganic substances (include the most common acids)

Offers excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties

Presents a surface which is ideal for painting with any kind of coating, including conductive finishes

It can be moulded in colour

It allows metal and non-metal inserts to be embedded inside the manufactured article during the process of moulding, to support fixings and reinforcers

It can be disposed of as an inert, non-hazardous waste


Advantages of Polyurethane

The ability to achieve variable wall thicknesses

Support for highly complex geometries, adding value to the design of the moulded product

Exceptional accuracy in the reproduction of series of parts of large, medium and small sizes

Highly durable and lightweight product

High surface quality, allowing a superb paint finish

The option of embedding inserts inside the product during moulding

The use of aluminium moulds, which are cheaper than the steel ones used in other injection moulding processes

Short forming time

Flame-retardant to V-0 standard, UL certified:

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