The S4Technology company was set up, first and foremost, by young, qualified and highly motivated people. We specialize in moulding, painting and assembly of products made of rigid foam and/or compact structural polyurethane, by means of RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding) technology designed for the most varied and diversified industrial sectors. Our technologically advanced and completely automated equipment are capable of producing moulded products at weights varying from 150 grams to 60 kg.


A lean production perspective enabled S4Technology to rearrange its processes in order to optimise client response time frames. A “just in time” production system characterised by an ongoing search for perfection.

Design e Co-Design

S4Technology offers all-round consultation for the concept and design, product and process feasibility phases. It designs the best technological solutions with the client or associated studios, planning the entire design process.


Polyurethane moulding with RIM technology managed by PLC systems, with the assistance of hydraulic presses and aluminium and/or steel alloy moulds, guarantees industrial production which is constant and reliable over time. Industry acknowledgement 4.0

Our constant flexibility and attention to rapid changes and needs in the markets in which we operate has enabled S4Technology to become a point of reference for new polyurethane systems experimentation by leading producers of raw materials. This allows us to innovate and offer materials which are tailor-made in record time.

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Our passion for this technology has prompted general management to make new investments involving purchasing new machinery, including a new technologically advanced and high performance system, capable of producing PUR type composite material moulded in fibreglass and/or carbon fibre. This enables clients to obtain structural composite products of various weights and sizes, with optimal performance and physical-mechanical characteristics.

S4Technology is also capable of supplying mass-coloured and in-mould coated products, technology with excellent management advantages and final piece quality, technology with excellent management advantages and final piece quality mass-coloured products and post-moulded painting in the most varied finishes according to client specifications. For specific sectors and/or production, we provide products painted with EMI shielding conductive paint. S4Technology uses finished product quality and control systems, paying particular attention to choosing and handling the final package and careful logistics management.

The general management’s mission is to constantly invest in human resources, technology and innovation so that S4Technology can lead an industry in which it pursues the satisfaction of its clients, employees, external strategic partners and all those people and/or businesses taking part in the production chain.


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