QM policy is the basis of our company’s organization regulations in compliancy with our Quality Management System.
“S4Technology – Our objective is quality”

We produce technical items of the highest quality made of rigid polyurethane using RIM technology, offering all-round assistance and professional services. Our mission in innovating and persevering in our objectives and satisfying the market with excellence.

Client satisfaction is fundamental to our ideas, actions and training. In the future we will continue to offer our clients ever greater company efficiency, quality and performance.

Our success depends on achieving our process objectives in the various production phases. All our organisational spheres are involved in pursuing and achieving these objectives:

We enact environmentally and socially sustainable mobility, committing to producing moulded pieces with less and less environmental impact, and investing resources in new technology development.

Our internal quality plan ensures product and process checks geared towards making us competitive in terms of quality standards and production performance.

We safeguard the health and safety of our workers as a primary value, an ongoing commitment and a constant component of our mission.

We put great care into maintaining concrete and long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers and external partners to ensure reliable commercial relationships characterised by a constant sharing of goals.

Our goal is continuous improvement (KAIZEN), identifying company risks and
opportunities with the objective of turning them into strengths.

We create partnerships with (1) clients and (2) suppliers in order to satisfy the former’s irequests deriving from their standards, by creating an outsourcing network through the latter, who share our business policy.

We continuously invest in technologically advanced systems and smart production management programmes to meet final contractor needs in an ultra-fast and constantly

moving market.

We offer opportunities for growth with ongoing training for all employees with the goal of increasing the company’s human capital.

All our employees at every level of the hierarchy think and act as part of the process andtherefore – in the context of their duties and in accordance with our guiding principles – commit to achieving the company’s objectives. Our objective: being the most effective and efficient RIM moulding industry firm.

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