At s4 technology, polyurethane MOULding using RIM process is fully managed by PLC systems, which guarantee constant and reliable industrial production over time with the help of hydraulic presses and aluminium alloy moulds.

S4Technology has foam generators and mould holding presses capable of producing moulded products ranging in weight from 200 grams to 60 kg:

NR. 3 high pressure electronically controlled foam generators equipped with air nucleation system, essential in the transformation process of polyurethane;

NR. 1 high pressure piston pump foam generator, equipped with air nucleation system, made to create large dimension moulded products and/or injection moulded products

NR. 7 presses of various dimensions, including two vertical presses which ensure high product productivity and consequently much shorter PRODUCT delivery lead times;

NR. 4 colour control units to create mass coloured moulded products in the desired colour

All our systems undergo ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to guarantee correct functioning and final moulded product quality.

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